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It is our desire and goal to form relationships with open-minded health professionals who have the objective of helping as many people as possible in our community and beyond.  We recognize that true wellness is multi-faceted and that each one of us has unique knowledge, skills, and gifts to bring to people.

With that in mind, we also recognize that the true nature of chiropractic care has been diluted, even lost, over the years and that the NUCCA Procedure may be unfamiliar to many health professionals in our region.

We look forward to sharing chiropractic and NUCCA with you and partnering with those whose desire it is to provide the best care options to their patients.

As I reach out to our community of health professionals with my unique knowledge and skills, please feel free to contact me at 434-817-7788 to learn more, clarify misperceptions, or discuss a specific case.

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