A Natural Performance Booster.

Whether you are a seasonal participant, "weekend warrior", little league coach, or a high school, college, or professional athlete, NUCCA chiropractic care can enhance your performance and decrease the likelihood of injuries.

No one can dispute that unequal leg length and a twisted spine can limit one's physical capabilities and performance. But one may not realize that unequal leg length also affects our gait [1] , our hip, knee, and ankle function [2] , causes increased oxygen demand and increased work for the heart [3] , and consumes more energy [4] . Increased oxygen and energy consumption for basic body functions reduces our endurance and performance capabilities. When compared with athletes not under chiropractic care, those who receive specific upper cervical chiropractic care are found to have improvements in muscle strength, long jump and vertical jump distance, and blood oxygenation [5] .

For peak performance, not only do athletes need to be mentally prepared but they need their bodies to function and perform optimally. Presence of the Atlas Subluxation Complex means the body is imbalanced, both physically and functionally. The nervous system is compromised and all body systems can be affected. By removing the Atlas Subluxation Complex, structural and functional imbalances are removed, injuries can heal or be avoided altogether, and overall body function improves. This leads to improved endurance and maximum performance.

While any athlete can benefit from NUCCA chiropractic care, we have chosen to focus on athletes participating in the following activities:


Please contact us at 434-817-7788 to schedule an individual evaluation, a team evaluation, or to arrange for Dr. Mike to come speak to your team, coaching staff, or athletic organization.

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