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Myth: Unequal leg length is normal.

Fact: Over half the population-children and adults-have functional leg length discrepancy of 1/4 inch or more. This is significant enough to interfere with normal nerve communication and create body dysfunction. (The Occipito-Atlanto-Axial Subluxation Complex: A Review of the Scientific Literature, volume 1)

Myth: Headaches are only related to the head.
Neck dysfunction is a causative or contributory factor in 70% of headaches, regardless of type.* Neck dysfunction is best corrected by specific upper cervical chiropractors. (*Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy, July 1999)

Myth: Whiplash injuries have no long term effects.
People involved in whiplash injuries often show a loss of health and as a result develop head, neck, and back pain; impaired short-term memory and concentration; fatigue and loss of stamina; poor balance; and change in personality.* Up to 40% of individuals develop chronic symptoms and about 5% remain incapacitated one (1) year after the injury.** Chiropractic is the only proven effective treatment in chronic [whiplash] cases.*** (*Behavioral Neurology, 2004, 13:2) (**Australian Family Physician, December 1994) (***The Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine 21[1]1999)

Myth: Symptoms are normal.
Symptoms are a sign of body dysfunction. Cold symptoms, allergy symptoms, pain, fatigue, restlessness, constipation, recurrent infections, general poor health are all signs that the immune system is compromised or that the body cannot adapt well to its environment. Extensive research and case studies have shown that these symptoms improve or resolve completely when specific upper cervical chiropractic care is received. (The Occipito-Atlanto-Axial Subluxation Complex: A Review of the Scientific Literature, volume I, II)

Myth: Chiropractors aren't real doctors.
Fact: Doctors of Chiropractic spend many years of study and gain practical experience prior to graduating from Chiropractic School. They have over 4500 hours studying the following subjects: human anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, immunology, radiology, neurology, the basis of health and disease, philosophy, the art of detection and correction of vertebral subluxation. Chiropractors are primary care providers who are licensed to practice in each state; it is not necessary to have a referral to see a chiropractor.

Myth: Chiropractors are "back doctors" and only help musculoskeletal problems.
Chiropractors are nervous system doctors because they evaluate how the nervous system is working. Since the nervous system controls and regulates all body processes, it is crucial that it operate without interference. The spinal bones can shift out of place (misalign) and put pressure on a nerve or otherwise restrict nerve flow. This leads to body dysfunction and eventually symptoms and ill health. Chiropractors return the spinal bones to their correct anatomical position to take pressure off the nerves and restore optimal nerve flow. This allows the body to self-regulate and self-heal and return to a state of balance and health. Musculo-skeletal problems (pain, stiffness, muscle spasm, numbness and tingling) certainly respond well to chiropractic care because spinal misalignment causes stress to muscles and nerves. But spinal misalignment can affect any and all nerves going to any and all tissues, glands, muscles, and organs. All body systems can be affected by spinal misalignment. And all body systems can see improvement in function when proper alignment and nervous system function is restored.

Myth: Chiropractic care hurts and can damage my spinal bones or nerves.
The original developers of the NUCCA Procedure went to great lengths to create equipment and x-ray standards to allow the NUCCA doctor to obtain the most accurate information about your spine and nervous system. As new technologies arise, current NUCCA doctors continue to modify and refine these standards. The NUCCA correction is specific, individualized and gentle and will not cause damage to the vertebra or nerves. While no healthcare procedure can be deemed 100% safe, NUCCA has one of the safest track records within the healthcare field.

Myth: Chiropractic Care is expensive.
Most people spend more on vacations, pets, or their car than on their health. 80% of medical costs are for diagnosis only, not treatment. Since chiropractic care focuses on the whole person and looks to improve overall body function and performance, health care costs are reduced. Chiropractic care has been shown through research to be three (3) times more cost effective.

Myth: Adjustments cause strokes.
There has never been a reported incident from a NUCCA correction. Even with other chiropractic methods using cervical (neck) rotation, the chances are 1 in 7,000,000. You're more likely to be struck by lightening.

Myth: There is no scientific proof that it works.
Hundreds of studies validate the science of chiropractic.  Many of those studies come unexpectedly from medical (not chiropractic) studies and research.